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Learn the ins and outs of “promoted posts” and other native web marketing concepts, with Social Media Marketing, from Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail in Tampa.

Social media lets you engage an audience, connect with new people and influence decision-makers. And, it’s a great way to build on-going relationships with your loyal customers and followers as well as your prospects. With a sound strategy, social media marketing might even turn those prospects into customers.

Social media is not just about being social. It’s also an important way to boost your overall online exposure and improve your search engine rankings. Google and the other major search engines consider your level of social engagement when determining search engine results. Not being on Facebook, Google+ Local and LinkedIn can have a negative effect on your rank.

Expand Your Reach with Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail – Tampa StartSOCIAL™

Need help getting started?  With the Allegra Marketing • Print • Mail of Tampa StartSOCIAL™ program, you can build your social presence quickly and easily, with high-quality design and well-written profiles to keep your brand image solid.

StartSOCIAL™ includes the creation of accounts and business pages on three of the most popular social platforms:

  • Facebook – You’ll have a Facebook page built to complement your brand, including design of a cover photo and thumbnail images, and development of a company description.
  • Google+ – Get an account that coordinates with the look and feel of your brand and includes a profile photo, company introduction and tagline.
  • LinkedIn – Own your customized company page with an introduction and overviews of your products and services complete with photos.

Ready to get started on social media? Talk to us today; we can make it simple to be social.